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Term 90 Plus Life Insurance
MBA Term 90 Plus term life insurance offers solid, affordable protection to active duty and retired service members, veterans, National Guard members and reservists - regardless of rank. So whether you want to add to your SGLI or are looking for an economical alternative to VGLI, MBA Term 90 Plus life insurance may be right for you.

Rates start at just $ 2.50 / month for $ 50,000 coverage (under age 30, non-tobacco user)
Affordable alternative to VGLI and many other military associations
Coverage up to $ 1,000,000
Coverage up to age 90
Coverage available to non-military spouses
Eligible children may be covered for up to $ 12,500 at no additional cost *
Plans can go with you when you enter civilian life
Term level until age 70 then benefit reduces at ages 70 and 80
Plus, since the MBA Term 90 Plus was designed specifically for service members and their families, there is no war clause, no limitation on aviation-related deaths and an emergency death benefit (advance payment up to $ 10,000). And MBA Term 90 Plus life insurance is underwritten by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, one of the nation's top insurance companies.

Please take a minute to compare MBA Term 90 Plus to SGLI and VGLI. Then, talk to an MBA Insurance Specialist to learn more and find out how much coverage you need to help protect your family.

* Members must elect at least $ 100,000 of coverage.

Compare MBA TERM 90 Plus Life Insurance coverage to SGLI and VGLI.
Coverage MBA Term 90 Plus SGLI/VGLI
Premium Competitive with SGLI, less expensive than VGLI1 SGLI competitive with MBA Term 90 Plus; VGLI more expensive than Term 90 Plus1
Spouse Sponsored Spouse coverage up to $1,000,000 Limits spouse coverage to $100,000, not to exceed the member’s coverage
Eligible Children Eligible child coverage is available up to 12,500 at no additional cost2 $10,000 limit on child coverage
After service Coverage is portable with no further underwriting or increase in premium due to separation or retirement  VGLI premiums substantially higher than MBA Term 90 Plus at all ages and coverage levels for non-tobacco users

Member Coverage Terminates or Member Passes Away Spouses under this plan are members in their own right. Their coverage continues in the event the sponsoring service member terminates membership, for whatever reason Family SGLI (and family coverage) terminates when the service member and spouse are permanently separated for any reason
Payment options Several options, including credit card, electronic funds transfer, allotment and billing schedule SGLI automatically deducts the premium from the service member’s military pay; member must opt-out of coverage
Coverage increase MBA members can apply for an increase in coverage up to a maximum of $1,000,0003 SGLI/VGLI coverage is limited to $400,000
Circumstances of death MBA Term 90 Plus continues to age 90 and pays a death benefit under any circumstances not considered contestable The SGLI insurance terminates or the benefit is not payable in cases of misconduct, e.g. confinement, AWOL, desertion or conscientious objection
Disability and health MBA membership and coverage can remain active during and after the transition to civilian life, regardless of health at the time of separation or retirement Service members who are totally disabled at the time of separation or retirement may not qualify for coverage under VGLI if they have serious health problems
Additional benefits MBA offers additional benefits to its members, including savings on tuition for members and family, preventive health screenings, a Scholarship Program for dependents, savings on auto and home insurance and other benefits that can help you stay healthy and save money; click here for details
1For non-tobacco users.
2Members must elect at least $100,000 of coverage.
3Your application is subject to review and approval by MetLife based upon its underwriting rules.
Compare MBA TERM 90 Plus Life Insurance rates to SGLI and VGLI.
Member Monthly Premium Per $50,000 Unit of Coverage (Maximum Coverage up to $1,000,000)*
*Rates increase at 5 year intervals until age 90 when coverage ends.

Member’s Attained Age Non-Tobacco User Premium Tobacco User Premium
 0-29  $2.50 $5.00
30-34 $2.90 $5.80
35-39 $3.10 $6.20
40-44 $4.00 $8.00
45-49 $5.00 $10.00
50-54 $8.50 $17.00
55-59 $15.50 $31.00
60-64 $23.79 $47.58
65-69 $45.78 $91.56

Coverage not available in all states. Please contact the MBA for additional details.

Rates may be changed on the entire group plan or on a class basis and on any premium due date on which benefits are changed. A class is a group of people defined in the group policy / policy exhibits. Benefits are subject to change upon agreement between the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and the Military Benefit Association.

Like most insurance policies, insurance policies offered by MetLife and its affiliates contain certain exclusions, exceptions, waiting periods, reductions, limitations, and terms for keeping them in force. Please contact MetLife or your plan administrator for complete details.

149107-1-G Policy Form Number issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY

All life insurance plans are issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company except for the TRICARE Supplement Plan which is issued by the Hartford Life Insurance Company.